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Private Sessions

We can work in person or via Skype, in sessions of an hour each at first, with follow up sessions of half an hour as we near completion. The first session is devoted to hearing your whole story. Subsequent sessions focus on addressing limiting beliefs and specific techniques for awakening your sexual energy.

Customized Recordings

Meditation is a very powerful tool both for transforming negative patterns of belief and for raising sexual energy. I create a custom recorded meditation MP3 for each client to help shift the particular issues they face.

Energetic Massage

I was trained in Esalen massage at the Institute for Psychostructural Balancing in Los Angeles. Some local clients choose to include an energy focused massage, which includes deep tissue relaxation followed by an energy activation session. This work is non-sexual in nature and there is no genital touching. I offer this service only to women.

Let's Work Together

I know you are in a vulnerable place and how hard it will be for you to reach out. So if you do reach out, please know how deeply I honor your courage! If you’re feeling that bravery today, send me an email at, and we can explore how I might help. We can craft the work we do together toward your particular needs in terms of time spent and services included.

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