Hi, I’m Suzanna.

Welcome to Blissrunner! I believe that your innate sexual energy is crucial to a well balanced path of personal and spiritual development because unblocking and mastering your sexual energy grounds you in joy, profoundly connects your heart to those you love, helps you embody deep self acceptance, and gives you a direct experience of alignment with source energy. I guide women in awakening this innate sexual energy and learning to nurture it in support of expanding into their highest self.

So why isn’t that every woman’s experience of sex?  I know!  In a perfect world, right?

There are a whole lot of reasons, actually, not the least of which are family and religious shaming, cultural conditioning, inadequate sexual anatomy education, completely absent pleasure education, sexual trauma, genital mutilation (of both genders), utter exhaustion and life overwhelm, limiting beliefs, and an almost universal lack of awareness of the role of energy.

Who am I?

A few years back I had lost all interest in sex. I felt completely broken as a woman. Yet deep down inside there was a kind soft voice telling me I was not broken and there was nothing wrong with me. I just needed to find the key to unlocking my inner fire.

Then life as I knew it began to implode as my marriage came apart.  To cope with the stress I started to meditate, which is to say, I sat still in silence for about 15 minutes a day to try to hear that kind soft voice inside.

During an experiment with a guided meditation one night I entered a state of orgasmic bliss that lasted what seemed like an impossibly long time. It was a total game changer. It made me realize that there was something really powerful we could tap into inside, and that sexual pleasure was more about our own inner vitality than about the activities we do with our bodies.

This experience made me question everything I thought I knew about sex. I began devouring books to help me understand what had happened to me. I re-examined what I had been taught about sex, and all of the beliefs that I had adopted based on my life experiences. I realized that my beliefs played a huge role in what I experienced, so I consciously chose to try on some new beliefs. And I learned to raise and focus my core sexual energy. The results were pretty miraculous.

After a lot of study and experimentation I gradually transformed from being sexually dead to multi-orgasmic. One week I was asking my doctor to test my hormones to see if there was something causing my libido to be MIA, and a few months later I was having orgasms at my desk at work, in the car on the way home (which I don’t recommend), and from a kiss on the back of my hand, to name a few.

It was crazy town over here my friends! I felt like a superhero. My best girlfriends called me “Orgasma” for those first few intense weeks of this. But beyond the party trick nature of this new discovery was a much deeper revelation. Core orgasmic energy feels like joy from your heart spread throughout the cells of your body.  Regularly running my bliss energy makes my life feel like a work of art instead of like a back-breaking endurance test.

Here’s the thing. I’m not special. I think the potential for this experience sleeps within all of us. We just have to wake it up.

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