I’ve always had a keen interest in exploring consciousness, and my explorations into sexual energy have been but one facet of that interest. I have found myself wanting to dive deeper into the meaning of sexual energy, and in this episode Jim helps us with that deeper understanding. He explains the metaphysical properties of something called “sexual energy transfer.”

I have a very special guest on the show today, Jim McCarty, who will be talking about the nature of sexual energy transfer as presented in the books known as “The Law of One.” Those of you interested in metaphysics and particularly channeled material will probably know of Jim and the work of L/L Research, the online archive for the Law of One and much much more.  For those of you not yet familiar, but curious, all of the books and other writings are available in pdf form for free on the L/L Research website.

In his more than three decades of research into the nature of reality and consciousness, and during his marriage to Carla Ruekert (the channel who spoke the Law of One material from a state of deep trance) Jim had many occasions not only to contemplate the meaning of sexual energy transfer, but also to experience the phenomenon first hand in his sacred sexual relationship with Carla.

Jim McCarty is an interesting man with a very interesting perspective on sexual energy. I hope you enjoy this one!

This episode is the last of Season 1 of the Blissrunner Podcast.  I will be back in about a month with more!


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