This week I was thrilled to have an author who is daring to share her intimate truth … Betsy Blankenbaker.

Betsy writes about sensuality, spirituality and self-realization. After releasing her first book, Autobiography of an Orgasm, something unexpected happened. She began to hear from readers who thanked her for putting words to their own disconnection from their sensual energy and who shared their own stories with her

She has published two volumes of these collected stories entitled Autobiographies of Our Orgasms, with a third volume coming out soon.  The stories go beyond the physical to the emotional and spiritual experiences of being a woman. Women from all over the world share their raw truth and transparency of the moment they listened to their bodies instead of the messages coming from media, church, family and partners about how sex should look or feel.

In her next book, Beyond O, Betsy discusses the consequences of speaking up in a culture where women’s voices are frequently dismissed or cut off.

Betsy teaches Qoya and leads writing classes and retreats around all the world. You can find out where she is teaching, or invite her to teach at your studio or event on her website.


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