Diana Richardson’s book “Tantric Orgasm for Women” had a huge impact on my experience of sexuality.  She exudes warmth, compassion and deep wisdom about the journey that we women must take in order to transcend the strictures of our culture’s conventional model of sex. Her words validated my experience of discontent and offered a ray of hope for my future, even though I was on the cusp of turning 50 at the time and had been sexually numb for many many years.

In this conversation, Diana shares her own unfolding as she gradually learned and assimilated a new approach to sex grounded in relaxation, embodiment, beingness, love, and noticing the subtle sensations of the body rather than chasing after the peak orgasm.

Diana is the author of numerous books on Tantric sex, including the following titles, which can all be found on her website:

The Heart of Tantric Sex (2003)
Tantric Orgasm for Women (2004)
Tantric Sex for Men (2010) (co-written with Michael Richardson)
Tantric Love, Feeling vs Emotion (2010) (co-written with Michael Richardson)
Slow Sex (2011)

She is working on a new book entitled “Tantric Sex and Menopause” with co-author Janet McGeever which will be released soon.

Diana and her husband, Michael Richardson, offer week-long retreats in Switzerland for couples wanting to learn this refined approach to sexuality called the Making Love Retreat.

You can find more information about all of Diana’s books, retreats and other workshops and offerings at her website: www.livinglove.com

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